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Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner Set | Jaels Beauty

$ 27
Includes a Sleek Compact Travel Mirror for your daily beauty needs!

An enriched, luxurious shampoo with a revitalizing effect on all types of hair. Uses a plant derived system to gently cleanse your hair.

Enriched with vitamins, natural plant extracts & essential fatty acids, Hydrating Shampoo restores natural shine and health to your hair, along with revitalizing effects on the roots of the hair.

Hydrate Conditioner is a plant-infused formula, rich in amino and essential fatty acids, that restores moisture and vitality to dry, brittle hair.

An exclusive Omega Fatty Acid Complex softens the hair at the root to equalize the lipid balance and impart lubricity and shine. Coconut Oil offers tremendous moisture retention, keeping the hair hydrated and healthy.

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