Keatley Jael has been doing hair since the age of 10 and her work tells that story. She started her business in 2014 because she realized that there are many women who don’t have a safe haven to really meet their hair needs. Therefore, she wanted to provide quality raw hair extensions and handmade products that are easy to access and can change the way women shop with a trusted brand. 

Fast forward to 2023 and her business now sells Custom Wigs, Raw Hair, Closures, Wig Units, Natural Handmade Organic Hair Products, Extensions, Cambodian Wigs, Designer Wigs, Hair Accessories, Indonesian Collections, Flat Irons and Natural Hair Products. 

Her business also has a Salon that provides Blowouts, Tape-Ins, Micro-Links, Hair Color, Sew Ins, Smoothing Treatment and much more. 

Her Mission behind Jaels Beauty is to make every woman who purchases a custom product or walks through the door feel like they are beautiful and confident in their own skin.