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Professional 22" Indoneasian Wavy Wand Curled | Jaels Beauty

$ 545

Three-bar curling artifact, unique heating system, easy and convenient to shape. It can easily make wavy curly hairstyles. Natural curly hair styling, lasting effect, can last a whole day. Is a good curly hair styling tool

his triple barrel curling iron goes from 0 to 180 - 210 (356 - 410) in just 60 seconds. So you do nt have to wait too long before you can curle your hair. But, you know, the curling Iron temperature of the curled hair is too high.

Imported ceramic glaze coating technology, acid and alkali resistance, light and high temperature resistance.Two adjustable temperature buttons, 180 or 210 . Hot rod iron, releases a large amount of negative ions when heated.

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