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Soothe Your Skin With God's Gift of Breast Milk | Jaels Beauty

$ 15

Our purpose-specific soap is perfect for cleaning your breast feeding / breastfeeding equipment and getting rid of built-up breast milk / breastmilk - pump parts, bottles, nipples, tubes, nursing apparel and more! 8 ounces / oz per bottle, 2 bottles per pack (16 total ounces)

No Heavy Scrubbing: Any time you can save when breastfeeding helps - that's why our soap is designed for quick cleaning and little-to-no scrubbing.

No Unnecessary Ingredients: Our soap has everything you need for a good clean, but nothing you don't - no dyes, no fragrances / scents (dye-free / fragrance-free / scent-free).

Soothe your skin with God's gift of breast milk!

Contains 100% Pure Human Breast Milk 

Helps treat dry skin



cradle cap

cracked skin

sun burn


bug bites

and more!

Locally sourced from women of color!

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